Steering Ball – Quick Release

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Designed to aid one handed steering of a vehicle. The Steering Ball is designed to clamp firmly on the steering wheel in a position which best suits the driver, enhancing their mobility.



The most commonly used steering aid, the steering ball is grasped from the front using a partially clenched hand.

Steering aids are commonly used in conjunction with hand controls, allowing the driver to steer using the left hand, while operating the acceleration and braking using the right hand. The quick release steering ball, fixed steering ball and steering peg are the most suitable for use with hand controls, due to their low profile metal clamp.

The quick release option is particularly useful when the vehicle is also driven by a conventional driver as the steering ball has a release button, enabling the handle to be removed from the clamp, which remains fixed to the wheel. The quick release mechanism is operated by pushing the pin at the back of the steering aid and sliding out the handle.

Fitting Instructions

  1. Determine most suitable position for steering aid.
  2. Remove spinner from clamp
  3. Fasten clamp on steering wheel – clamp should follow the contours of the steering
    Ensure nyloc nuts are tight and fully engaged (at least 3 threads protrude through the nylon insert).
  4. As the clamp may distort during fitting, this steering aid must not be re-fitted to another vehicle unless it has been checked by a Vehicle Conversion Specialist to ensure its suitability.
    If the steering aid is refitted the nyloc nuts MUST be replaced.

Process for removal is the reverse of (3) above, care should be taken when removing the device to ensure steering wheel is not damaged in the removal process.

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