Coloured Steering Ball – Quick Release

£50.00 excl. VAT

Designed to aid one handed steering of a vehicle. The quick release Composite Steering Ball is designed to clamp firmly on the steering wheel in a position which best suits the driver, enhancing their mobility.

Easy to fit steering aid.

Comes in a choice of four colours – Grey/Blue/Purple/Pink



The most commonly used steering aid, the steering ball is grasped from the front using a partially clenched hand. Available as quick release only.

The quick release option is particularly useful when the vehicle is also driven by a conventional driver as the steering ball has a release button, enabling the handle to be removed from the clamp, which remains fixed to the wheel. The quick release mechanism is operated by pushing in the button in the center of the ball and sliding it out of the clamp.

Fitting Instructions

Before fitting the steering knob you will need to determine at what position will be the most comfortable for driving, making sure that when the steering knob is in position it will not obscure any of the functions of the car (e.g. Switches, Dials etc), and ensure that the steering wheel is at the position where the vehicle will go straight ahead.

To fit the steering aid you will require a 19 mm socket or a 19 mm spanner. Please ensure that once fitted that there is no slippage of the brackets against the steering wheel make sure the bolt is secure. To remove the steering knob is the reverse of the procedure above ensuring not to damage the steering wheel.

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